New and upcoming server! Looking for GFX and Youtubers! |Zulrah|Cerberus|Achievement diaries|Blood money and MORE!

Innova - 317 - Need staff - Brand New

Innova is a brand NEW RSPS hitting the scene running. It is run by owner's and developers who care. Backed by hundreds of supporters, Innova is ready to hit the scene and make an impact! Join today!

Nova Genesis - A 742 RuneScape Emulation

Nova Genesis is a 742 RS2 emulation, with our own twists. We'd like to offer a more stable, content packed, & bug free server for players to actually enjoy!

SoulKingdom RSPS 317

Economy/Skilling Server - HISCORES - Ironman- Key Bosses - Salamanders - Pets/Boss Pets - Bounty hunter - 18+ Bosses - Free Veteran Rank until 06/16/18 - NEED BETA TESTERS - VOTE/REWARD

LetsPK is BACK - Instant OSRS PKing

LetsPK Returns - OSRS Spawn - Instant PKing - Active Wilderness - 100+ Online - OSRS Bosses - Staking & Gambling - All Skills - The BEST server of 2018


new server join today fo fun

Destyiny RsPs 50% donations given to bes

Destyiny RsPs 50% donations given to best players make money playing an RSPS!!!!!!!!! Great Classic Vencillio Based Server With New Custom Interfaces, Minigames, Bosses, Items And Content! Great Art

Empire 668 | The Ultimate 2011 Server

Empire is a RuneScape 2011 Emulation. Empire is based from the original source of the previous private server named Alotic. Previously known as Zonica.

DoomScape - #1 Old School RSPS

PVM Server with a strong and active economy. All the latest OSRS and Pre-EOC content. We have so much unique never before seen content for you to explore. Join DoomScape!


317 Loading 667 Stay tuned on Sythe for more updates!


317 new osrs 100 pets we have bossing events with rewards

Salve-PS: Pure OSRS | Raids | All Pets

Salve-PS is a brand new rework of the previous-existing version. Salve-PS is a unique and authentic RSPS offering a perfect OSRS experience, with OSRS content, Raids, Inferno, OSRS graphics, more!

Fury - Most Complete Pre-EoC RSPS

The Most Authentic 2011 Experience and We Offer - Daily Updates | Community Driven | Stable Eco | Great Community | Active Forums | Events | Full Construction | Complete Dungeoneering Floors 1-60 |

Valius | #171 | Unique | RAIDS | INFERNO

3 Exp rates | Raids | Unique twist on Content | #1 rsps of 2018 INFERNO | VORKATH | Revenants

ElitePk always online 24 7

# Bosses # Raids 2 items # comands # vote system # infernal cape # twisted bow # much moreee!!! 24/7 online HTTPS://WWW.DROPBOX.COM/S/HCSBG7KHDZMA0MG/ELI TEPK.JAR?DL=1


ReignX is a remake of the EradicationX source with unique content and flawless PvM. -DDoS Protected- -Rank Lending system- -Friendly Playerbase- -Active Development- -Unique Boss encounters- -10B Max

Rangryscape 317

Rangryscape 317 Brand new rsps join us for giveaway 50 customs, 25 bosses , 10 mini games best base.

Paradigm - Authentic OSRS Experience

Paradigm is making strides to create the ultimate old-school adventure. Whether you're into PVM, PVP, or just casual playing with friends - we aim to provide the most enjoyable experience for all.

EverusX - Monthly vote giveaways

New 718 server looking for staff and new players!

ASIEUS - All Skills & Bosses - PvM - Eco

Asieus OSRS is a new RSPS. Perfect PvM, Skilling Rewards and more! 100% Uptime, Lag Free! Ironman, UIM Modes, Custom Zulrah, Skillcape Perks, Loot Viewer, Teleport interface, Bank [x], all-but-one

Runique - Thanksgiving Event

Large Active Updates - Perfect Combat - GAMBLING - Zulrah - 42 Bosses - Demonic Gorillas - Treasure Island Minigame - Kuradals Dungeon - Active Discord - PERFECT SKILLING


Introduction Rigaur is a runescape private server based on a 317 revision. It is completely free to play!

Arceuus | Raids - Vorkath - Zulrah

Join the newest OSRS RuneScape private server innovation! Compete against hundreds of others in skills, bossing, gambling, player vs player and more!

Desolution - RSPS

Custom 317 with 200+ custom npcs/items/objects 3-4 custom minigames! custom skilling aspects, 100+ achievements, custom gambling and much more!


We here at RainbowRealmPs wish to invite you to come and join our wonderful custom server!!! we have a ton of custom bosses to kill and tons of custom items to receive as drops ingame :D


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Ataraxia RSPS - 718 883 GWD2 ROTS AOD

Ataraxia RSPS - 718/883, Godwars Dungeon 2, Rise of the Six, Angel of Death, Divination, Araxxor. So much content! Relaunched 25th of August, 2018. Join now!

Agaroth- OSRS RS2 RS3 best combination

Twisted Bow, Nex, Construction, Summoning, Dungeoneering, Player owned Shops, Grand Exchange, Flawless combat, Divine, Elder Maul, Torva, Boss pets, 48 Bosses, All skills, Check it out

SIMPLICITY - Full Vorkath, Raids & Revs

$100 GIVEAWAY - FULL VORKATH, RAIDS AND REVENANT CAVE - Active PVM AND PVP, Gambling, Staking, Achievements And so much more! PLAY FOR FREE!

Sanctaria - NEED STAFF

www.sanctaria.com - Brand New RSPS

Land of Zen (LoZ)

Best server of 2019 - Legendary developer Zen - Custom content - tribal tiki - wearable and smokable marijuana blunts - PVP rejuvenation


Welcome to the upcoming ProjectUnity RSPS. Release date set for September 1st. At ProjectUnity you will find active staff (ing or discord), friendly community, and an amazing time :p

Mystic-PS | Runelite | New Server

Weekly Updates | Active Community | OSRS Data | Runelite | Up-To-Date With OSRS | JOIN NOW! Client: http://forums.mysticps.com/download/ Mystic-PS.jar https://discord.gg/mGVFVSf

NEW SERVER - VENGEFUL | Raids 1&2 | #1 O

WE ARE A BRAND NEW SERVER Theatre of Blood OUT NOW! | Revenant Caves | The Inferno | Raids | WILDERNESS keys | :zoo| Battle Royale | All Ironman Modes | Unique Content | Highly Addictive! | NPC Drop


Join in on our BETA release today! Make sure to register an account at http://www.Xero-rsps.com to stay up-to-date on things in-game. We look forward to seeing you online!


life is trip follow it ...

Ventrix RSPS - NEW - Vork - Raids - Revs

Ventrix is a server that not only had the great OSRS & Pre-EoC experience, but also a custom feel to stand out from most of the RSPSs in the industry today. It's 6 months of work and has more coming!

Zarh - 317 all up to date OSRS Items

Zarh is a brand new server with all OSRS bosses/items/minigames.

InsaintyX #1 RSPS

We dont need a slogan?

Overloadx 317

Fun, and sportsmanship like. Overloadx, is a good server that will be open to the public forever. The server has tons of custom items, that isn't stupid like most other servers.

AuroraPS - 15+ Players | Frequent Update

Aurora is a OSRS based RSPS focused on giving the community what they want and creating new and fun innovative game play mechanics. We strive on feedback and community suggestions, updates are and wil


Legends don't give up! |Eco PVM & PVP | Boss Pets | Many Customs | Non P2W | Active community


All OSRS Content Chambers of Xeric All Bosses work just as if you were on OSRS Full Inferno All Ironman Modes PKing and Revenants with PvP Weapons Short Quests Skilling and Competitive Hiscores

| Sanctaria | Content Packed OSRS | Fresh Ser

www.sanctaria.com - need staff


Unparalleled-RSPS New Server | Rev Caves | Bonus Weekends | Raids | Vorkath | Active Community | Weekly Updates | Holiday Events


Brand new, 100% community created, customized RSPS from the makers of Zarpor.

TaleScape - PvP PvM Eco-525 317-CONS-FUN

This project was started a few years ago and is now a server with heavy content and fun with all you can imagine. Perfect 525 integrated with OSRS combat animation system, PvM, 40+Bosses, Full Skills+



Viduus 718 896

Viduus is a small project started a few months ago to try and bring back the fun times of Elveron


Araxxor * First ever 718 loading RS3 revision private server * Frequent game and website updates * Stable economy + player based grand exchange * Over a dozen training grounds for quicker levelling