Quick and easy pking without hassle, ECO spawn, Toggleable graphics, Tons of unique features!

[718] Virtus

We are simply the best server there is for you. Come find out why!

[861] Ataraxia - Profesionally developed

PvP & Economy server | 6 gamemodes | Full development team | Auto-events | Grand Exchange | Loads of bosses | Tons of mini-games | Quests | Co-Op Slayer | Boss Pets | No pay to win | Comp cape

Project Velocity | Customs | Gambling | 667

Custom NPC's/Items/Bosses | Gambling | 667 | Active Forums | Fullscreen | Great Graphics | Skilling | 99.9% Uptime

Odionx - Where legends become strong

working mini-games, working god-wars, wildy bosses, 100% uptime. regularly updated, so u are granted the best of game play, ...join now...

Aeon - Fight for your life

Aeon is a 2006 remake. It's features include world pvp with the occasional safe areas such as some cities and a few banks. You are given a skull and a skull timer. Your skull timer is based on the lev


Zenemith is based off pre-EOC era - Active PvP, PvM and Market areas - Lots of Mini-Games - 12+ Bosses - 100 Achievements - Online 24/7 - Vote Rewards - No Lag - Friendly Staff - Fastest Support - Pro


All Skills Work|Active Dicing|Active Pk|Quest-Bar Tele|Minigames|Master Capes|Donator Zones|Custom Emotes|Pet Bosses|Staff Needed|Forums Staff Needed|Great Community|

FuriousPk SPAWN | Login & Pk

OSRS SPAWN Server | ::item | Amazing Pking | Login & Pk | Fast Switches | Come & Play


Full Grand Exchange - Duo Slayer - Tons of Bosses and Content - Professional Staff - Professional Forums

Era - The Most Advanced 2011 Server

The Most Advanced 2011 Server

[317] SolarScape [317]

Auto Voting Auto Donating Chaotics All Bosses New Players HighScores In Game Updates Daily Best Private Server 2016. Brand new website, Friendly staff and we communicate with our players. Join us!

[863] Catanai RS3

EoC - Economy server - Revision863 - Vorago - Ascension dungeon - Lava strykewyrms - Kalphite King - Grand Exchange - GWD Bosses - Divination - Runespan - Ironman mode - Prifddinas - No pay2win


Set the combat levels you want and start pking right away! We are an economy server focused on providing a quality experience with a plethora of content to relive the Pre-EoC memories you loved!

EdgevillePK - The Fight Awaits

EdgevillePK is the absolute pinnacle of all RSPS. Founded by developers who have made a career out of programming and have a combined experience of 30+ years in RSPS, you can be sure to find everythin


[317] 100% Uptime | Ironman mode | Party Dungeoneering | Quests | Bosses + pets | All working minigames | Economy Server | Active Community

SerenityPS - LootCaves - Minegames

Custom Items; Custom made by us! Colored/Custom Bosses; Colored rock crabs (Drop custom h'weens 1/1,500 depending on the rock crab color) Duel Arena; Custom made very professional!

Scape-DM | 2006 Deadman Mode

2006 Deadman Mode | 30 Quests | Fully Working Skilling


Boss Points System | PK Points System | VPS Hosted with 99.9% Uptime

Darkening | VPS Hosted | NEED STAFF

Darkening JOIN TODAY! Dedicated server | PK-PVM-ECO | RS2 | 639 | 100% uptime | Great Coders | Brand New server | 30+ Bosses | Great Donator benefits! | DDoS Protection | Resizable Client!

Nexorth 317 -Dodian

Economic/skilling pk server

Arcadia 637

Arcadia 637 PK Eco Server.


Contentzpk - Brand new server. If your looking a server that has custom work, then your looking at the right post. If your looking for a server with dedicated staff yo


Paradox-PK just recently released as an epic 317! Be sure to check it out and join me in the biggest adventure out there! We have content for anyone, wether you like Pvm,Pk or skilling: we got it all!

EmpyreanPs - 667 - New beta project

We offer fully working clan chats, minigames (Castle Wars, Soul Wars, Pest Control & more), 20+ bosses, clue scrolls, max & completionist capes, and so much more.

ThroneScape - 317- RSPS Great Content and Gam

Welcome to ThroneScape ThroneScape Is a new RSPS launched in 2016 and is content packed. Our Server is PVM ECO And PVP based so if you like making money without pvp you can. ThroneScape is a 317


Deception - 24/7 Up-time - 1000 Customs - All Skills Fully Working - Prestige - 50 Unique Zones To train - 100 of things to do youll never be bored, Drop rate ring, necklaces, and shields.


Friendly 667 PK/PVM server, great economy, friendly & helpful players/staff!

Project Divine

A new server. We may be 317 but that does not mean our content is not good. Give us a shot.


That's right. CollusionX Is making it's comeback. I'd like to thank all my beta testers for the hard work. What do we have to offer? Site: http://collusionx.nl [+] 100% Working Combat System

FrozenAge - 100% Slayer & MORE

FrozenAge features 100% working skills, including Slayer, Hunter, Runecrafting and more. 100% Minigames such as Pest Control, Fight Pits, Fight Caves, Warrior Guild. And so much more!

Legacy 718 - 1# PK Server since 2009

Spawn PK - new school style | Summoning | Nex - Pernix, Torva, Virtus | TokKhaar-Kal & Completionist Cape | Toggle-able newschool

Keres OSRS

Welcome to Keres! We aim to commit to the player base and consistently dish out updates weekly! We have all your needs met with Raids 1! ALL working skills! PVP Tournys with awesome victory rewards!

Revived 317

Revived, All skills, Bug free mini games, Max cape, Vote for donor. Weekly updates. OSRS bosses. Active staff and forums. Achievement system. Re-live 2007 RS And much MORE! Join now for your insight!


-Very friendly staff -online 24/7 -weekly updates -pk/eco environment - all pk, and nex gear -lots of boss pets -99% working skills, besides construction -fully working summoning -chaotic weapons -awe

Agora - Your Adventure Awaits

Are you looking for a RuneScape private server which is packed with fun and unique content, that's updated regularly? Then you have come to the right place, we mix our content to make sure that our


831 | EOC | Custom rates | Bosses/Boss pets | LootBeam/News | G.E | Economy | Dedicated server | Active staff | Still in development so please let us know if you find a bug!



Hells Lair - 667 - New - Economy

Hell's Lair, a new rsps looking for players to get us kicking. All skills, bosses, minigames and items work the way they're suppose to. Owners have added custom gear and npcs/bosses! Drop party at 10.






Start your adventure today!

Project Destiny

Project Destiny 317, Project Destiny is a newly opened server, we currently have 15 Bosses and looking forward to add some more. We're actively looking for staff, and we're handpicking them ourselves.

[718] Eliwen

New RSPS - Fight Caves - Grand Exchange - Perfect Switching - Boss Pets - Fight Kiln - Custom Bosses - Customs - Eco - 24/7


SS3 - Perfect Switches - Perfect Duel Arena - American and European Host - Active Wildy, PvM and Market areas - Mini-Games - Tournaments - 12+ Bosses - 110+ Achievements - Online 24/7 - Vote Rewards

RSClassicKBD - Custom RSClassic Server

RSCKBD.forummotion.com You need Java & WinRAR to play. EXP RATES XP Rate 32x, Wilderness 1.5x, Weekends 2x, Max Stat 150, Custom Items, NPCS, Object, and Landscape. https://discord.gg/w7XNkQ5f


0 dupes Controlled Force Teleporting Server is extremely safe. 100+ achievements. 100% Clanchat system with ranks. Real RS Grand Exchange system. All skills added, even Dungeoneering with parties/comp


http://www.awaken-os.com/ Fully oldschool based! Full Screen Mode. Ironman & Hardcore Ironman. Duel Arena and many more minigames! 15+ bosses including Zulrah and many more! Boss Pet

Beastpk | FREE 07GP | Lastman Standing

On beastpk you can earn free 07gp. Thats right no troll you can actually earn free 07gp. We at beastpk have years of content. You can vote4donator. We have active PKing skilling and pvming.

★ Agaroth RS ★ 317 GE ★ Gambl ★ 25 skils

Grand exchange, falling stars,Team Dungeoneering, Summoning, Dwarf Multicannon, Challenging Quests, Flawless Duel Arena with Staking, Hunter, Full Pest Control and much more!