Bosses,all skills 100%,50+ players, ECO


AdamScape is a RSPS where the map is overrun by gnome children!

Draxity The #1 rsps-Server In Existence

- Amazing PvM features! - Amazing Never-seen items! - Amazing Minigames! - Amazing MiniBosses! - Amazing Boss Pets! - Amazing Economy! - Amazing...

OS-Anguish Deadman

Huge open map to explore, no customs, not p2w, eco deadman experience! OSRS content only.

RatedPixels New Server

Free ::Yell for everyone Re-Sizeable Client! Boss Pets. Old School Runescape Items. Clue Scroll System - Easy, Medium & Hard. -Barrows, Pest control, Jad, Duel arena, Warriors guild, Barbarian Assault


Fresh Economy/ 5 Game-Modes / All Skills working at 100% / Auto Server Events / Custom yell tags / custom items-Plus bosses / Completionist Cape / Player -owned houses / Friendly Staff Team and Commun


Come play with us! Velixium is a brand new server who's aim is to be somewhat similar to runescape 2007, except with a few updates and modifications. XP Rate is 2x that of standard Runescape.

2006Scape - Back like the good ol' days

2006Scape | RuneScape 2006 Remake...


Zarpor - Unique 718 - Battle Royale mini-game - Custom quests - Active players and staff - Weekly updates - New content - Player polled Content - All Ironmen modes - Fully working Achievement system


Frozen-Souls is a ECO based server. we have loads of stuff to do, loads of mini games, many bosses. all skills fully working! all skills go to level 125! unique home! Come join us today!! active staff


Lunaria is a new RSPS made by people who are tired of the same thing. Finding a server they like and not having committed staff. Come join us today and check out our amazing features!

DrygonScape 742

Full Construction || 20+ Bosses || Daily events || Flawless PvP || Stable host || Custom minigames || Quests || Boss & Skilling pets || so much more!

Project 1337

Welcome to Project 1337, Grand Exchange , 15 BOSSES GWD NEX BANDOS AVATAR GLACORS PRESTIGE SHOP NO LAG ALOT OF ACHIEVEMENTS BARROWS DUEL ARENA, 2 QUESTS economy serv client download link on the forum

Echorium | Verified As The Best

Echorium is a private server with flawless gameplay and content. Be it PvP, PvM or Hc, Echorium has a near-endless potential for hours and hours of immersive gameplay. Currently on its fourth iteratio

Adok 718

Adok RSPS is a brand new 667 in the beta. We need staff members, active players, we have lots of bosses, and customs!

The Undivided

718 RSPS Looking for new players, Staff positions open!


Real OS Server - #121 Data - Active Community - Hiscores - Cerberus - Zulrah - 20+ Bosses - 50+ Pets - All Skills - All OSRS Skilling pets - Clue Scrolls - Ironman mode - Loot bag - Tons of Content!

Avarrocka - Unique quality content.

Journey to the world of Avarrocka! Avarrocka is a 317 RSPS that is packed with high quality content. Our server combines the excitement of intense PVP combat, with flawless skilling and PvE encounters

NEW ★ Hazeel 317 ★ GE ★ ZULRAH ★ ECO★ Pv

Hazeel brings you best oldschool modern content. Our active staff is there to make sure your first visit wont be your last. Hazeel is brand new and we need you to help us form the game and community

Xscape #118 Data best PVM an SKILLS

Brand New Server Loading #118 Data Best Skills And PVM with point systems


We are a world pvp/eco game Mystery boxes are everything for skilling and leveling and items. everyday giveaways looking for staff members soon adding bank raids some minor touch ups many bosses

Rsgoldfund.com #1 RSPS Site Buy & Sell

We buy and sell all RSPS golds over @ Rsgoldfund.com We pay the best prices and sell the cheapest! We Buy & Sell: -Pkhonor -Os-scape -Runelive -Runique -Os-rune -Rspspk -SS3 -Roatz -Zammy -Grinderscap

MisthalinPK - Construction - Custom PVP

MisthalinPK is a very friendly community. We have weekly events, rewards, as far as content we have all skills, 18 bosses, crashed stars, evil trees, wilderness raids, custom PVP zones, and much more.



PettyPS - Beta Stage

Hourly Rewards, Custom Barrows, Custom Items, Prestige System, Dicing and Staking, Loyalty Titles, Great Community, 10+ Bosses including OSRS Bosses, Economy and Pking, 3 Game Modes including Ironman.

Wishes 317 - Brand new PvP server

Hello, 8th of October Wishes launched We are a brand new 317, with lots of things to offer. We have PVP, PVM, Dicing, Pets. Feel free to have a look and give us feedback on our forums!

Project Dream

2016 version of the biggest RSPS of all time || Full Dungeoneering || Bosses || Minigames || Active PKing || Achievements || Game Modes || High Scores

Realpkz Pk Based 317 with customs

a veery good rsps

Legion 718

Legion is a 718 loading 728 RSPS, with many great features to offer. The server has been through lots, with countless upgrades all way from revision 317.



Kryptonic | Raids | All Pets | New RSPS

30+ Bosses - 10+ Minigames - Impeccable Community - Demonic Gorillas - Lizard Shaman - Daily Updates - Duel Arena - Perfected PvP Mechanics - Achievements - 24/7


Looking for Dedicated players and people interested in a server, that isn't gonna be like your 317 pi's We are currently looking for staff, but that doesn't mean come online and ask. Come play!


1. Client session timer- Formats time - Displays how long client has been open for 2. Client title - Displays local time - Displays date with suffiex


12 bosses fully workig eco server

Mythic Gaming Group - New

24/7 Online, perfect economy, all skills working, dedicated hosting, quick DL, very fun visit Mythic-Group.com for more info!

Rune Forge

Nov 1 Released - 24/7 Uptime - 25 available skills Inc: Dungeoneering, Summoning and Construction! - Wilderness Keys/Bosses and PK Bots - Scam proof Gambling! - Lots of OSRS Items to choose from.

ZectorX-Scape 317

ZectorX-Scape 317


Twisted Bow | Elder Maul | Pure NH'ers at edge | Deep wilderness action | Cerberus in deep wild | Ballista | Claws | El Loco Toro | LCS | Revised combat system | The place for Hybrids and Pure

Falador Massacre

New Unique PVP server!! Join now!

Crown-Ps - to be the best rsps for you

*Played Runique before? *Didn't like the community? *Didn't like their new updates? *Staff Requests being ignored? *suggestions being ignored? *No interaction with developers? Don't worry, We are here


Link:1 if link 1 doesnt work try link 2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/ny5dyu395lmsy2i /Os-Zyzia.jar link:2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/sha6bgydh4xtx4o/Os- Zyzia.jar?dl=0

XenoScape 3

XenoScape 3 is packed with content but yet, continues to move forward and grow each and every day. We care about our players, listen to what they have to say and what they'd like to see happen.

Simplicity - Next Ikov Server

100+ Players | Ikov-Like Gameplay | Active Community | Gambling | Ironman Modes |1 Tick Combat | Achievements | Flawless/Duo Slayer | PDungeoneering | Full Construction | Summoning | Shooting Stars

IntriguePS 718/742

IntriguePS is a great 718/742 RSPS. With a highly dedicated staff team and constant updates, IntriguePS offers the best playing experience for any player. We currently have staff spots available!

~ Arcilium 718/742 ~

~ 24/7 Uptime ~ Active and friendly staff ~ All suggestions are looked into ~ Active PVPing ~ Balanced XP Rates ~ Balanced Economy ~ Custom Dung and Construction ~ All skills trainable ~ Ironman Mode


Custom server, with over 600+ custom items! WE NEED STAFF!!!!!


Economy, but leaning towards PvP after its early release stage All skills are trainable; functional. Old School maps, NPCs, Items Webside highscores Newer bank interface w/ search

SIngularis V2 - Back And Better Than Eve

All OSRS Bosses And All Pets | 150 Achievements | 5 Quests | Game Mode Based Highscores | 7 Game Modes | Scam Proof Gambling | Perfect Pking | Amazing Community | Active Staff | Player Owned Shops

Cloudnine rsps

Welcome to cloudnine! we are a fresh rsps! with a 10+ eco witch is currently growing at face pace! we're always up to date! all bosses mini-games and skills! feel free to give us a try! #thecloud


DelusionX is a brand new, upcoming, 2006 RuneScape Private Server. Our aim is to host a friendly community driven server, an exciting game and introduce new, unique content to our players daily.