Fidelity OS

Fidelity-OS is server loading #121 data that includes all OSRS items that are working properly. It is vps hosted for 24/7 uptime! It includes all OSRS bosses as well! Looking to PK? No problem the ser

Tanoth 667

Tanoth 667 Provides Quality content for all users. Our Game servers contain Perfectly emulated Content such as The Grand-Exchange. We offer the most Bug-free gameplay possible.

SplitReality- Particles 25 skills & more

SplitReality is back and with more content than ever! Now offering Particles, 25 working skills, with personal Player Owned Houses, Team Dungeoneering, & more. As well as nex and nearly every boss!

Project Six

FEATURES -wildy bosses -max cape -24/7 uptime -Donator island -Double EXP weekends -PKP, Vote points , slayer points -PETS -Active PKing - Barrows - Duel arena - Pest Control - Zulrah - Fight cave


Perfect Economy | Flawless Combat | 24/7 Uptime | Constant Updates | PvP | Skilling


Currently in Beta

Veldarscape, 317, HD, Nex, Nomad, Corp,

317, HD, Nex, Nomad, Corp, Pvp, Pvm, Skilling, Good Eco, Active Players!

Near-Desolation 867/718

20+ bosses | Divination | Araxxor | Custom quests | 120 capes | Auto donate | 26 working skills | Full construction | Puro-puro | Runespan | Boss pets | Livid farming | Vorago | Donation perks

RemuxPS | #1 Economy | Brand new |

★ Unique working Launcher ★ All working Skills ★ All working Minigames ★ All working Bosses ★ Fully working bank tabs ★ Fully working clan chat ★ Working Auto Voting system ★ Working Auto Donation sys


Runebeez is a 317 high rates Private server loading Oldschool Runescape Data started the 20th of January 2017. We focus alot in what Skillers and PVM players enjoy.


It's a 317 old school server, with enough to do to keep you entertained for awhile. There's not much detail I can get into until you come see the server yourself. So please come by! We're new!

Falador - An Epic Adventure | Construction |

-Customizable Max Cape -Unique Achievements -Gambling System -HD Client -Unique Interfaces -Construction -Team Dungeoneering -Kraken -Duo Slayer -Iron man Mode -Ultimate Ironman Mode -24 Working Skill

Cloudnine || Where legends Begin

New growing rsps -Gambling - Amazing Pvm - Duo Slayer - Party Dung - WildyWyrm - Shooting Stars - Achievements - Drop tables - 2 Game Modes - Summoning - Custom Minigames - Boss Pets - Custom Titles


The New Era


Over 100 Achievements from the achievement diary Full world wide map content, full cities with dialogues Grand Exchange OSRS bounty hunter OSRS wilderness bosses Wilderness rating award system / kills

Elkoy - POS - QBD - Full Construction

500 Players - Player Owned Stores - Full Construction - Queen Black Dragon - Zulrah - Nex - Active Pking - Active Gambling - Most Content Packed RSPS - MUCH MUCH MORE!

DGScape - Super Unique / Player Shops /

Frequent game and website updates * Stable economy + player based grand exchange * Over a dozen training grounds for quicker levelling * Known for our PvM, with over 20 bosses and counting


Welcome! The Adventure starts here... 24/7

GreenTides OSRS Eco PVM PVP

60+ Pets | Ironman | Hardcore Ironman | Active Duel | NPC Kill Count | Bank Tabs | Trading Zone |Skilling Point Shops | Custom Bosses | Vote4Credits | ::Yell For Everyone | Join Now!


Summoning Grand Exchange 100+ Achievements Drop Table Player owned Shop OSRS Bounty Hunter IronMan Hardcore IronMan Flawless PvM System Flawless PvP System Minigames Sounds & Music Fullscreen Resizabl

RSCLegacy - Free RSC Server with Android

A free to play runescape classic private server, with access to all areas, weapons, and items for free. Play on your PC or android mobile phone or tablet.


24 Flawless Skills | 90+ achievements | All Bosses | Custom Items and Titles | Pets | Ironman and Ultimate | Weekly Events | Active Staff | Perfect Pking | Bonus Weekends | Gambling | Dedicated Staff


We are a server that gears towards the players who like to feel they have accomplished something in an RSPS. Working skills and minigames. New content being added every day. Friendly people!

SweScape RSPS - We're back, and here to stay.

We got a OSRS server running will fully working with stable exp/drop rates at 25x, 10+ bosses, flawless slayer, stable economy, fully working clan chat, and our own secure launcher for our client.

Divine - The Greatest RSPS Adventure

Our main goal is to dominate the RSPS scene with your help! We focus on providing content requested from the players. We write everything ourselves which gives us a unique feel compared to other serve

Osiris RSPS - 718 loading 876

[718/876] Osiris - The #1 RSPS in 2016! Araxxor & Noxious | Priffddinas | Divination | Tier 90s | Completionist Cape | Player-owned houses | 5 Game Modes | 26 Skills


very eco friendly 24/7 hosted 317 custom server!

T7emon Pk #1 Spawn Pking (Rsps)

Welcome to T7emon Pk! we just started, its growing fast already! ~ perfect combat ~ customize client ~ new/old hitbar ~ Pk bots ~ almost all skills work ~ summoning works! ~ spawn/pk eco based

divine - Unique content, top tier server

Our main goal is to dominate the RSPS scene with your help! We focus on providing content requested from the players. We write everything ourselves which gives us a unique feel compared to other serve

DemonScapeV2 BETA (317)

Boss Pets | Ironman | Boss Kill Count | OldSchool Content | Custom Titles | Max/Comp Cape | Zulrah | Need Staff | New Server | 317

RunePlay 700+

RunePlay + Customized + RS3 Animations + New Items + New Commands + New Bosses Etc

⛊ Legacy Pk - Instant Pking & Loads of Conten

Legacy offers flawless pre-EoC gameplay, with tons of content! Start pking instantly or start your journey as a PvMer or skiller, the choice is yours... WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY!


We are a 317 private server community consisting of mature & fully dedicated team bringing you a brand new server with flawless content! Our mainly focused


Admirable Economy | 35+ Bosses | 20+ Boss Pets | Tasteful Mix of Pre-EoC and OSRS | Full Construction (Combat Room, Menagerie, Gilded Altars) Summoning | Duo Slayer | Clan Wars | Grand Exchange | Zu


Brand new Server, need staff, hosted 24/7, GE, Perfect pve and pvp, great economy, vip status, and more. Just Join us play at : lm-scape.com


We are a Brand New 317 server 12/3/17, We have Many features in game, including a working crystal chest, donator status', minigames, Good drop rates and much more. Come see what all the fuss is about!


DemonScape has been a project of mine for about 8 years now, and I recently restarted to move onto better things V2. We are just starting off so it may take some time to get a decen


Infernalscape - PVM/PVP/SKILLING/GAMBLING Features: SOF Dungeoneering! - with reward points and shops. Awesome Customs - such as Troll Mask, Minecraft Pickaxe, Wings, Rainbow P'hat. PK Competitions


Grand Exchange | Zulrah | Nex | Glacors | Castle Wars| Admirable Economy | 35+ Bosses | 20+ Boss Pets | Tasteful Mix of Pre-EoC and OSRS | Full Construction (Combat Room, Menagerie, Gilded Altars) Sum

CodScape -- Brand NEW RSPS 667

have fun at our brand new 667 server!

Runelive RSPS 200+ Players Growing

Ever heard of a server called Ikov2/Runelive? It had about 250-400 Players at one point? its coming back guys! and better than ever! its been worked on ever since it closed down.


#1 RSPS with tons of customs

SoulPvP - PKing-Spawn - Made By Soulplay

SoulPvP - Fast PKing Server made by soulplay! kill players in wilderness and get blood money or kill monsters and bosses in wilderness for blood money and spend on shops that contains all items ingame

RuneArmor - OldSchool GamePlay

Sign up for free and re-live the real oldschool adventure.


come see what your missing out on


Eco/Pvm Great community Friendly Staff

ReyScape 718

New 718 Eco server come and check it out now

SolsticePK - Win Donator - Set Levels

INSTA-PK -Daily Updates - 20+ Bosses - All Pets - Raid Items - Weekend Long Events - Full-screen - No Downtime - Gambling - Duel Arena - Achievements - 25+ Online - Active Forums - Above Ground Barrow

Project Pk Reborn

NEED STAFF 100% working - Skills, Pvm and PVP Bosses - Barrel Chests, Tormented Demons, KBD And much more! Unique donator zone Unique game play Unique community Unique Customs - Dragon Claws, Rainbow