Divine-Reality V2.0 - Abyssal Sire

Divine-reality offers tons of OSRS orientated content such as all OSRS bosses; We offer an amazing combat system and economy orientated server, we have options for grinders and laid back players!

abyssal-scape 317

Join us today, best server out !!

Guthix - The RSPS you should be playing

Join Guthix an RSPS that so different and yet so much fun We have over 10 Custom Quests 10 minigames Custom gambling like the Colosseum 20 bosses Great Economy Custom Dungeoneering Player owned shops.

Xyle #1 OSRS Emulation | Abyssal sire |

Xyle Your 1 OSRS Based Economy Server Achievement Diaries Abyssal Sire PK District Cerberus Osrs bounty hunter Iron man Ultimate Iron Man Zulrah Great Economy Looking for staff!!!!


OSRS CONTENT || Player Owned Shops || 2000 + Customs || Multiple Raids || Iron man & Hardcore || Active Gambling || Soul System || 10 + Types of Torva || Minigames || Special designed Iron Man instanc

Salvage-PS NEW Server 120 Dungeoneering

Salvage-PS is a brand new Eco private server with all working skills including 120 Dungeoneering, Custom Treasure Trails, Custom Tool Belt, Loyalty Rewards, Custom Home, Achievements, and much more!

Old-School-317 || Drop Party || Prestige Rank

Welcome to Old-School 317, A new runescape private server with a lot of added content, We will be hosting drop party's with the arrival of new player's so spread the word an get your free item's,

New-Reality - 100+ online

Lots of PvM options | Zulrah | Duel Arena presets | Waydar | Nostalgic NR feel

Project Decimate | PVP | PVM | DICING | STAKI

Best 317 about!

RuneWar || New || Clan War's || 23+ Bosses ||

Will be updated asap.


Boss Pet | Global Events | Iron Man Modes | 20+ Bosses | 7 Minigames | IRL $ Tournaments Easy teleport interface Treasure island Sweet skilling zones Bosses like Abyssal sire, Scorpio, nex and so on.




Brand new RSPS, we are up and coming, and our community is growing rapidly! Come join today to be apart of something special.


Updates | Player Owned Stores || Iron Man Modes | OSRS Bosses | 100+ Achievements & MUCH MUCH more!...


- Close community - OSRS content - Flawless PVP - 20+ bosses (including wildy bosses) - All skills functioning - Retro slayer - Retro barrows - Gambling (arena, flowers, dice bag) - Safe PVP - Rares

Valyria RSPS - OSRS in HD

Pick your XP rate! | Quests | 24 Skills | Stable ECO | Daily Updates/Events | OSRS Items/Bosses/Pets


Welcome to RuneWar, We are friendly and welcoming to anyone that joins out community, Our rsps is brand new and growing every single day. Here is some features that we have in-game as of now - 23+


SlashScape.xys join today! Resizeable client! Some customs!

Rebel317 ll 700+ Customs ll ECO

Rebel317 is a custom economy RSPS, we have tons of unique flawless custom content to keep our players entertained. You can expect custom mini-games, scam proof gambling, custom quests

EliteScape 2

Oldschool PK and Economy Server, PK Bots, Active Community, Exciting Minigames, Player Shops, Bank Tabs, Challenging PVM, achievements and more!


An Old School RuneScape based private server with minimal customs, looking for dedicated players. Staff positions available! Release date: August 1st

Velkora RSPS #1 Economy Based Server

Velkora RSPS #1 Economy Based Server! Flawless Gambling & Pvm'ing & Pk'ing! 40+ Working Bosses! What is our main goal? ‚ÄčOur main goal is to dominate the RSPS scene, by bringing a unique and fresh f


23+ Bosses - Drop Partys - 3 Game Modes - Staff - Prestige Ranks - 100+ Achievements - Shooting Star - Evil Tree - Customs - Well Of Goodwill - Weekly Events - AutoVote - 24/7 VPS - And So Much More


Zulrah - Zeah - Raids - Max cape - Weekly updates - Active community & Owner - All Ironman Modes - Unique Content - Highly Addictive - NPC Drop Tables - Online since July 2017.

Steroids Pk || The Spawn Pking Rsps on Steroi

Welcome To SteroidsPk, SteroidsPk Is A Rsps on Steroids and the Best Spawn Pking RSPS Out There. Perfect Combat, Perfect PVM, Pk ticket System, Semi Perfect ECO, Custom Bosses, Custom Shops. ALOT MORE


Welcome to TopRSPC, If you ever need any assistance, ask at the support community for a fast reply! They're monitored daily so a quick fix is never far away.


After years of experience with private servers, I have decided to make my own private server with the help of my friends. I have been working on this server for nearly 3 years. Hope to see you soon!

[614] AvengingTheFallen SPAWN/ECO PVP

PVP | Spawn | Full HD | Dicing | Best Multi PKing To Exist


StorkPK is back for one last hurrah!! Runescape classic pking at it's best.

KooselScape | Need staff | NEW | 718

Kooselscape is a new up coming server with a lot unique things that separate us from other typical servers. Our staff team is very active and caring about our players.

FaladorPS | Reborn

* still has to be added*

Best New Unique 317 RSPS PKLegacy

PKLegacy 317 Revision! Unique Content Elderly Masters 22+ Bosses Working Duel arena gamble

ManicPS - Raids, 40+ Bosses, Customs

Custom weapons that have never been seen before in Runescape history, 30 bosses ranging from normal Runescape bosses to custom bosses, a prestige game-mode, and much more!

Zelharic PS

OSRS | #145 Data | Working Raids | Events | Resource Area | Skilling Pets | 20 + Bosses | Real Content


Frequently Updated, GE, Custom Items Coming Soon, Bossing, Much more to come. We are a new RSPS that is still in development. We are looking for players to test out the server.


The new #1 OSRS Server, We have: Instant Pvp - No spawning, but ability to instantly PvP Chambers of Xeric: Raids, Hourly Dead Man Mode, Community Bossing, Community Skilling, Weekly Events, Helpful


100 Mbox giveaway | Instant PKing | Pre made sets | Flawless PvP | Bossing | Skilling | Minigames | Close community | Weekly Giveaways | Tournament events | Spawn items | Active wilderness | Torv

DoomScape - Brand New Eco RSPS

Choose Your Own XP Rate - Custom Bossing - Perfected Combat - Stable Economy - Regular Updates - Player Owned Shops - Friendly Community. Join the best RSPS today!


combatscape is a new 317 server with bossing instant pking try us out


Custom Content || Particles || Played-Owned Shops || Construction || NPC Drop Tables || All Working Skills || 25+ Bosses & Pets

Divine - Born from excellence

Achievement system from PvM'ing, PvP'ing, and Skilling. All skills are almost completely working. Teleport's that require Achievement Diaries being done.


OSRS Based rsps with almost full raids and almost full inferno, all up to date content, constant updates and dedicated team

ReignX #1 RSPS

-Private Boss Instances -Experience Goes Up To 10B -Achievements For Amulet of Completion -Bank Presets -Ironman Mode -Custom bosses -Weekly Raffle -200m Xp capes -Zombie Invasion -10b Xp capes...

ManicPS - Raids, 40+ Bosses, Gambling

ManicPs is a custom rsps that was built upon player suggestions and creativity. Some notable features are: Custom Items that have never been seen before in Runescape history, 40+ bosses, Raids, & More

TierPkz - PVP Server

Spawn PK - Fullscreen & resizable mode - Perfect pathing - All bosses + pets - Weekend events - Weekly Bonuses - Blood Money & PK Points - Construction - Bounty Hunter - Gear spawn table - Teleport

Avalon - 317 Oldschool Economy

The server may not be flawless, but we hope you will come with us on the path to flawless. We have some of the most unique content you won't find anywhere else. We also offer 16+ bosses, 8+ minigames,


~ Friendly Staff ~ / Many Bosses / Fast XP rates / High drop chance / every day is a giveawey join now! / Thanks you for playing!

Encrypted 718 | PVM | T90 | OSRS ITEMS |

In Encrypted we offer the best PVM experience anyone can dream of. Over 25 bosses, private instancing, custom items drops, there is enough content for player to grind for months. Clan Home & Clan Bank

Solace Pre-Eoc + OSRS Content

Welcome to Solace everyone, Solace is a 317 loading various data in order to provide our players with a jam packed game. We primarily will be an economy server but that does not mean will will not hav