To start advertising you must have a registered Runescape server on the list. All advertising options are listed on the Edit Server page. Our payment system is automatic but your first payment will be reviewed and processed manually.

Premium $10

(Bonus Votes) Your server will receive bonus votes each month. We will also highlight your server listing like the this example:

Premium Server

Price is 10$ for 30 days and you get the following bonus votes:
+100 bonus votes for 30 days purchase
+200 bonus votes for 60 days purchase
+300 bonus votes for 90 days purchase

Top Ads 99$

(Rotating) On top of the list we show up to 5 (five) rotating server ads as the following example:

Side #1 69$

(Rotating) Image 160x600 pixels, it's the first top-right side banner.

Side #2 39$

(Rotating) Image 160x600 pixels located right under Side 1#.

Rank 1 199$

(Exclusive) Your server will be shown on top of all other servers above rank 1 in a special spot, regardless of your rank or the number of monthly votes.

Gateway 99$

(Rotating) Image 468x60 pixels located on voting page under Voting button.

Sponsor 149$

(Exclusive) 1045x100 pixels header spot on top of all other spots, right under the main menu.