Foritude X RSPS

PLAY NOW Fortitude X RSPS BETA - From The creators of Maxedpvp 718 - Joe and Jayden Features: -Custom Home -Custom Items -Raids and Raid Items -Wilderness Bosses and Pking Incentives

Dusk | PvP | #oshd |

Enjoy a unique RuneScape experience in a clean #oshd client with a huge community!

Qwonk RSPS - #1 For Skillers

Advanced Economy | 3+ Years in Development | Polished Ironman Mode | Runelite+ | Raids | Friendly Staff and Community | Gambling | Custom Donator Zone | Custom Maps | Revenant Caves



We are Gauntlet... A unique osrs server with alot to offer, Currently in Beta.. Looking for people to join the community towards release. Discord: https://discord.gg/Ahcjp8v9BV

Ritual | #1 Custom RSPS | BRAND NEW

https://discord.gg/uS7paBvng8 https://discord.gg/uS7paBvng8

Wildy-PK Spawn Pking


Welcome to WildyPK FEATURES: || Login & Start PKING | PvM Bosses || Boss Pets || Customs || HighRisk Zone & More ::Commands  ::Master ::Pure ::Item (id) (amount) Loads more...

Terrarium Coming Soon

Terrarium is coming soon March 2021. We are looking for Moderators, Administrators, and Beta Testers. If you are interested, please join the discord and let us know!

TitaniaPS Mixed Blend PRE EOC

eatures List: 317 loading osrs data Economy 24 working skills 30+ bosses with pets PK system with killstreaks 80+ Achievements Free for all tournament Cape particles Gambling Player owned shop Custom

SoulScape Custom 317

join today! we have a bunch of things [email protected]


Brutal RSPS [718-903] Brand new RSPS Lot of content and custom content! --------------------------------------------- - CUSTOM BOSSES! - Telos, the warden - The magister - Solak - Lucien - Rise

Mageps Mage Refresh ::welcomeback

Mage is trying to be your most memorable RSPS/Game. After the Refresh there is no other RSPS with content similar to ours. Enjoy passionate game design, and an experience like no other. A True Custom

Erebor #181 Tournaments | Construction |

Hello guys! We welcome you to our new server Erebor OSRS #181 Bored and tired of every RSPS being the same stuff every day? Not in Erebor! Enjoy loads of minigames, tournaments and so much more!


CUSTOMS | 12 Bosses | 5 Game Modes | Full Clue Scrolls | Automated Gambling | OSRS Trading | Perfect Slayer | OSRS items | Boss Pets | Perfect Skilling | Boss Contracts | Lottery | Fun Pk | Warrior

RuneWar - Staff Needed

RuneWar have relaunched - Free Mystery Box. Inferno - Raids - Zulrah - Vorkath - Ice Queen - Glod - Weekly Events - Vote4Rewards and so much more! See you in game.

Ruse - Perfect Mixture Pre-EOC & OSRS

Ruse - Perfect Mixture Pre-EOC & OSRS

StBMT2 se deschide pe data de 02 01 2021

StBMT2 Deschidere pe data de 02/01/2020 la ora 17.00 Link prezentare server : http://stbmt2.com/prezentare-stbmt2/prezentar e-server-metin2-stbmt2.webp ( daca doresti sa maresti prezentarea trebuie

Neos #718 | Brand new | JOIN NOW

Neos #718 | Brand New | All 25 Skills | Countless hours of content | Ultimate Ironman | So much more

Avalon RSPS

We are going to be the BEST UPCOMING NEWEST RSPS VERSION #317. We have been working non-stop for 2 years perfecting every small outcome and want to give the users something truly amazing! JOIN NOW!


Please come play this is the best available experience you can find out here and the spawn is Edgeville. Enjoy, from Alex.


28 fully functioning skills (Including Divination, Invention & Archaeology), All latest RS3 content on a PRE-EOC client, An authentic server with NO customs. Mining & Smithing rework, Wilderness slaye

Frozenx - #1 Semi Custom osrs

➤Runelite Client & Launcher ➤Theatre of Blood ➤Chamber of Xerics/ Olm only full mechanics ➤Hydra ➤Vorkath ➤All skills working ➤Motherlode mining ➤Duo Slayer ➤Group Ironman ➤Achievements ➤Drop tables

CustomX - Releasing Dec 20th

All FIRST DAY players will be rewarded a special rank in discord along with **99 PRAYER** upon their first login, as long as it is during the first 24 hours of the servers release! Release = dec.20th

Alerion | Runelite | Mobile Client | PvP

Mobile Client Runelite Integration Full Raids 1 & 2 Gauntlet Pvp Tournaments Inferno Ironman

Agonoth - Brand New Economy RSPS


24 Skills | 10+ Minigames | Pest Control | Duel Arena | Bossing Games | Primal | Torva | Vestas | Daily Events | 100% Uptime | Dicing | Nex | Corp | Economy based | Bug Free

Exiles | OSRS Data | NEW SERVER

Chambers of Xeric | Vorkath | 100's of Achievements | OSRS Combat Achievements | Legend Mode | Legend Ironman Mode | Inferno