Just launched 16-01-2022,

Oracle RSPS | Custom RSPS

https://oracle-ps.com/ https://oracle-ps.com/ https://oracle-ps.com/

Imagine PS

imagine ps is back and better than ever!

FlarePS[Feel Nostalgia]

FlarePS Brand New Custom Server , You May Not Believe My Words But I Suggest For You To Come And See That With Your Own Eyes 8000+ Custom Items 100+ Custom Bosses 20+ Custom Minigames Skilling IS Work

Pixscape 317 | Content Packed Stable

Visit us PixScape.fun for client download and start playing today! Full of content, all skills, dungeoneering, bosses, minigames, custom items, donator benefits and rewards, and so much more!

Oracle RSPS


Ozone 317 508 | PreEoc | Raids

Server launched on 1. December! Server is brand new and looking for players that like to get addicted and grind! Looking for a server to kill time and have fun? Looking for a server that isn't lookin

Novus RSPS

Welcome to Novus! We're and up and coming RSPS with a semi-custom base. We have many custom coded minigames and content as well! Come be apart of the next great thing


PVE experience like never before New monsters and weapons. Friendly environment. Raids and bosses to kill along with world bosses. Pets that are never seen before.

Carnage Gaming

We're a brand new gaming community surrounding a 317 OSRS RSPS & a WoW WoTLK Private Server. Both our game server are jam packed full of endless & exciting content.

Diamond Anarchy

From 1 to 14 December, win 240M OSRS GP or 60$ on PayPal every day just by completing simple skilling tasks, PvM tasks or minigames on our server. Everything from Nightmare, Group Ironman and more!




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Arclight OSRS

Arclight OSRS! Releasing in less than 12 hours!! Zulrah, full nightmare, cox, tob, achievements, drop table, ingame highscores with rewards! Active staff! daily developement! Posted 11/26 join disc

Mythic Dream

https://discord.gg/CqfV5JMedg https://youtu.be/u5u1gpRpMP8 Presets | Perfected Switches | Wilderness Keys | World Bosses


We strive to not only offer you the best pre EOC experience, but also expand with updated OSRS content, unique content, and community driven updates. - Chamber of Xeric - Theatre of Blood - Inferno

Revelation - NEW RSPS

-Active Community- ----------------- Our discord is continuing to grow with new players everyday, with warm welcomes and hello's! We have events going on all the time, keeping everyone curious

Gwvr Scape

Semi Spawn | Old School | Instant Pking | Hand Cannon | Chaotic's | Vesta And More | Skilling | PVM And PVP | Updating Regular| First 30 Free 100 PKP's |




https://discord.gg/fhTjtG7GS5 join discord!

Arclight-RS3 718 900

 brand new server with, loads of content and will be updating tons of content over the next while, discord is available on the forums


Frosty is a 317 ECO + PVM + PK server built for true lovers of OSRS. We aim to replicate the best features, whilst adding the Private Server feel that we all know and love.

REALIZATION667 | POS | Events | Raid

Realization 667 Come join now All new players recieve 100$ worth of boxs on login.


new server I am working on some stuff, started off with local host with me and my girlfriend playing together now we wanted others to play. Discord : [URL="https://discord.gg/gxZzpKXpuz[/URL]

Bethlehem #1 Custom

FREE 3 x Legendary Mystery Boxes --- LOG ON NOW FOR LIMITED TIME FREE DONATOR STATUS! [MOUNTS] [FINAL FANTASY] [DRAGON BALL Z] [30+Custom Bosses] [10+ Minigames] [AFK zone] [ROULETTE] [SLOTS]