Legacy Custom OSRSPS

UNIQUE & CUSTOM GAMEPLAY WHAT IS LEGACY RSPS? Built on player suggestions and satisfactions. Legacy strives for unique content, enjoyability and endurance. http://www.legacy-rsps.com/

Novellus RSPS

Here at Novellus we have an outstanding amount of content ranging from goblins in Lumbridge to the end boss of theatre of blood Verzik Vitur.

Sovark | $1500 USD Giveaway | FEBRUARY


A community driven server! OSRS Vibes! -tournaments -presets -collection log -hydra -inferno and much more!

SnowRSPS - #1 Custom RSPS



• Guthix RSPS • • BOSSES • • Revenant's • Scorpia • Kraken • Zulrah • Venenatis • Vet'ion • Callisto • Nex • Corporeal Beast • Glacors • Bandos Avatar • Phoenix • Kalphite Queen •

Nightmare317 - #1 CUSTOM RSPS OF 2020

Launching 1/18 || CUSTOMS HAND MADE BY OWNER || Top Voter Contest Each Week || Profession Development || TONS of Unique Pets || All Skills Including Construction || LOOKING FOR STAFF ||


The #1 Spawn-PK server of the 2010's is back! Moving into the new decade, Pylos mixes nostalgia with new content; login and Pk with your favorite gear, enjoy the new interfaces and smoother gameplay!


Custom RSPS With alot of benefits and custom come and take a look! https://www.dropbox.com/s/0ttyyhnpumawpqa/Hyu nPS%20v1.0.jar?dl=0

Elysian ????️ Unique Content

Elysian is full of Unique content, Relic Systems and a fantastic community!


~~Features~~ -Hundreds of custom items. -Custom minigames. -Custom bosses. -Multi bosses. -Daily updates. -Fully working skilling. -Stackable skilling supplies. -Custom slayer store. And More


good xp rates different game modes

SeptoX 718 #1 RSPS - Reborn

SeptoX is a private server based on the 2012 era of runescape with a modified cache introducing flawless gameplay, and content. Be it PvP, PvM or HC, SeptoX has an extremely wide array of content!

NetherSphere - Augmenting Update

Hi there! Interested in new Custom RSPS action? Ever wanted to play a fully balanced server with tons of new content and fully textured items? Wanna look cool and stand out? Check out NetherSphere!

Revival Scape

OSRS based, Community Driven, active discord!

NovaScape - New 317 Eco Semicustom

https://discord.gg/hFwkaPq Hello, thank you for checking out NovaScape! We are a new early beta 317 Eco/Semicustom with all the content you love dedicated to creating a wonderful RS expererience.


RuneSuite RSPS Forum is the #1 RSPS Downloads Developer Community providing High Quality Sources to work with. #317 #494 #667 #718.

EradicationX World 2

Custom Raids, Dicing, Custom Tier Weapons and Armour, Bank Presets, Custom KeyBinds, 10B XP


Yanille-OS we are brand new server currently in beta - Oldschool based - daily updates - All skills works - Raids Join us today! Homepage http://yanille-os.com/ Forums http://yanille-os.com/forum Dow

Dragons Legacy - Another RSPS

Dragons Legacy is a RuneScape Private Server that is based on PvP/PK without spawn and big starter package, you have to skill to make your money.

RuneWar | Two ways to rune your day

About us: We are a Eco Pvp/Pvm Runescape based Private Server started in end November 2019. We aim to bring one of the greatest and most enjoyable rsps experiences one can have. Thank you all for your


REVENGEPS | INSTANT PK | RAIDS | FREE MYSTERY BOX | AUTOMATED TOURNAMENTS | PRESETS | PVP ZONES RevengePS is a brand new OSRS revision RSPS. We strive to become the best possible server out there.

Ultimate-Ps : Best Pre-Eoc Economy Server

Quality RSPS developed and maintained by professional developers. All the latest OSRS and Pre-EoC content available at your finger tips. No registration required to play.


Our goal is to rebirth crandor, the ultimate experiance between PRE-EOC & OSRS. We strive to not only offer you the pre-eoc experience but also expand with updated osrs content, new features, and a n

Galaxy #1 Unique Custom RSPS

Galaxy is a New Custom/Pvm/Economy/Skilling RSPS. (Runescape Private Server) We are the most unique WHY CHOOSE GALAXY RSPS? WE HAVE THE BEST UNIQUE GAMEPLAY YOU WILL NEVER FIND ANYWHERE ELSE.

Exora - High Quality Customs - Custom Raids -

High-Quality Customs - Daily Events - +300 PLAYERS - Custom Dungeons - Sailing Skill - Custom Raids - PvM/Eco - Safe Gambling - Custom Skilling - Best Customs in RSPS Try now at: Exora.io