ChronicScape 718

Server Has A LOAD Of Options Which Some Of It Includes: -All Skills Trainable -25+ Shops -Loads of Areas Usable -Grotworms RS Spawn Locations -QBD With Rewards Room -Dominion Tower (Not bugged Just Fi


RSPS with raids 1 and 2, bosses, skilling tasks, all slayer helms, semi custom, no OP gear, TOA items, custom raid, all skills, gambling


-Pvp minigames -Nightmare -Custom home -Custom items including collectors necklace -Afk tree -Flawless pvp -Flawless pvm -Custom pets -Custom donatorzones -Theatre Of Blood -Chamber Of Xerics -Active


Snowscape is back! 3 Year old dedicated custom rsps, We just added PlayerOwnedShops, 1000+ customs, Gamblebots, Autovote & Much More!


We are a new server! I'm calling all PvMers and PKers to come and crush this game. Raids 1/2 complete, working on raids 3! Awesome customs! Download link in Discord! https://discord.gg/KJ4gbJVNRb


Exoria is a Pre-EOC 718 Economy server, meant to capture the best times of RS around 2011. Super close community and staff members. You won't regret joining. Tons of bosses, minigames, and all skills.


RisenPS - Play your way RisenPS is a 718 packed with new and ORSR content, join our friendly community today. Sales, Events, Daily login perks plus extra login bonus!

Shadow Realm RSPS

Shadow Realm has a new meaning to RSPS. We are a 317 server loading 211. What do we have to offer? Community Driven | Custom Home Zone | Training Zone | Raids 1 & 2 | Achievement System | Frequent u

August - Innovative custom content

August is an ambitious project that's been in the works for almost 2 years now, aiming to truly innovate, and shake up peoples' expectations of what's possible for custom servers in the RSPS scene.


Runelite | HD | Unique Rares | The Great Olm | The Nightmare Boss | Verzik Vitur | Alchemical Hydra | Vorkath | Ironman | Weekly OSRS Giveaways | Achievements | Profitable PvMing | Amazing PvP Leagues


Server is a 718 loading osrs full of added contents suggested by players. join now! https://risenps.com/discord

Qwertyscape | Full Skilling | Gambling

Discord: https://discord.gg/vDeTZBkdvX Play Now:https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6m42pv4cxuzzed /QwertyScape-Launcher.jar?dl=1 Gambling Upgrade System Friendly and outgoing staff and community Endless Conte

Musical 592 - OSRS RS2 Custom Content

Musical is a 2010 revision 592, with OSRS and Custom content. Has a very unique pet with good amount of players, come and join!

Overload V2

HUGE GIVEAWAY ON WEBSITE/DISCORD Overload V2 Brand New beginnings here to stay with so much action packed content including COX/TOB/TOA FULL Nightmare/Angel of Death/ world/wildy bosses diaries/achiev

StakeScape New Raids HD RUnelite Nex

Welcome to StakeScape! Stakescape is an Oldschool Runescape Private Server focused on all different types of content: PvM / PvP / Collection logging / Skilling / Gambling! StakeScape is as modern

Zeah - Play Your Way

OSRS | Pre Eoc HD | Runelite | League Tasks | Relics | Unique House System | 7 Gamemodes | PvP Tourneys | Chambers of Xeric | Theatre of Blood | Inferno | Nex | Nightmare | 25 Skills

⚔️ 06-Scape - 2006 RuneScape RE-LAUNCHED

06-Scape offers a good amount of quality based oldschool content. You will come across PvMing, Skilling, Treasure trails, PKing, Hiscores to track player progressions and competitions!

Neos #718 | Brand new | JOIN NOW

Neos #718 | Brand New | All 25 Skills | Countless hours of content | Ultimate Ironman | So much more


Brand New Custom RSPS , Great Active Community Website: https://pernixcus.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pernixscape

Legendary-road CAP 140 D15 FREE SIlk

Cap 140 Degree 15 Race CH & EURMestrey 280/420Max Plus 15 No ADVAuto Events EnabledSilk Per/Hour EnabledJop Temple EnabledCTF Enabled

Nightmare317 - 2020's BEST Custom RSPS

Nightmare - UNIQUE POKEMON SAFARI MINIGAME || NIGHTMARE317 - BEST Custom RSPS of 2020 and beyond! || Custom items made by the Owner! || More than 2000 unique items added already! ||

Snow317 - Snowscape #1 Custom OSRS

Snowscape is back! 2 Year old dedicated custom rsps, We just added PlayerOwnedShops, 1000+ customs, Gamblebots, Autovote & Much More!


Everything from Nightmare, Group Ironman, Automated and scam-proof flower poker, all bosses, achievements and so much more!



Only 718 w/ Runelite | 2007/2012 Modes | Group Ironman up to 4 Members | 1,200+ Achievement Diary | In-game Wiki | Collection Log w/ over 725+ items | OSRS Content in HD | Well of Goodwill & MORE!

718 - Velheim RSPS - Solak Released

Full Player-Farms | Music & Sound system | All Elite Dungeons | Anachronia | Prifddinas | Archaeology, Invention, Divination skills | Raids | Legacy Combat | Nex: AoD | Solak | Araxxor | Vorago