718 - Velheim RSPS - Player-Owned farms

Full Player-Farms | Music & Sound system | All Elite Dungeons | Anachronia | Prifddinas | Archaeology, Invention, Divination skills | Dyed EoF's | Legacy Combat | Nex: AoD | Araxxor | Vorago | Ironman

Etherum - Fresh Economy

REAL TEXAS HOLDEM, CoX, OSRS Trading | Nightmare | Daily PK Tournaments | Duo Slayer | Global Tasks | Drop Parties | HP Events | Skilling Prestige | Safe Gambling with RPS | PvP Campaing | Zulrah

Zeah - Play Your Way

OSRS | Pre Eoc HD | Runelite | League Tasks | Relics | Unique House System | 7 Gamemodes | PvP Tourneys | Raids | Inferno | Nex | Nightmare | 25 Skills

Exora - High Quality Customs - Custom Raids -

High-Quality Customs - Daily Events - +300 PLAYERS - Custom Dungeons - Sailing Skill - Custom Raids - PvM/Eco - Safe Gambling - Custom Skilling - Best Customs in RSPS Try now at: Exora.io

PkHonor - Full Inferno, CoX & ToB - Nex

Full CoX, Inferno & ToB - Nightmare - Nex - Hydra - Vorkath - Skotizo - UIM - Cerberus - Abyssal Sire - events - All bosses + pets - Frequent updates - weekly events - Grand Exchange - Construction

Ely | $1,000 Tournament Starts June 10th

$1,000 HCIM Tournament starting June 10th, 2022! Top prizes include: Xbox Series X, Playstation 5 or RTX 3070 for 1st place, Ducky Keyboard + $200 for 2nd & Glorious Model O mouse + $150 for 3rd!

Exoria - we're back

Exoria, we’re back and better then ever. We are a 718 community driven economy server. Give us a go, we want all feedback and suggestions.

Snow317 - Snowscape #1 Custom OSRS

Snowscape is back! 2 Year old dedicated custom rsps, We just added PlayerOwnedShops, 1000+ customs, Gamblebots, Autovote & Much More!


Introducing RuneRogue, a humble but impressive product that has undergone hundreds of hours of work. My inspiration was to create an experience unlike any other. we have just launched 23-03-2022,


Different Game Modes Qwertyscape offers a completely unique system that includes various of game modes that start with just 5x exp to even 200x exp. Join Discord: https://discord.gg/mQh2MmJcJ6

Legendary-road CAP 140 D15 FREE SIlk

Cap 140 Degree 15 Race CH & EURMestrey 280/420Max Plus 15 No ADVAuto Events EnabledSilk Per/Hour EnabledJop Temple EnabledCTF Enabled

SebZero RSPS 718

New 718 RSPS looking to add players to our community! We are constantly updating and aiming to provide a wonderful experience to those who join, please consider checking us out!

Anarchy - Group Ironman | Customs

Active PvP, Dead man, Nex, Zombies, Boss pets, Game points, Stealing Creation Dwarf multicannons, Dungeoneering, Boss instances, and so much more. See you there.

Automated flower Poker - Gim - Nightmare

Everything from Nightmare, Group Ironman, Automated and scam-proof flower poker, all bosses, achievements and so much more!


Seven7Sins 2x FREE Mystery box on login! Best content on RSPS: Rebirth, Prestige, 33 Bosses, 20 minigames, Custom Raids, Full discord events bot, Daily Challenges, Amethyst, Upgrade gem, Masterwork

AutoScape OSRS

We are a strong economy based server. You can skill or train combat to gain the best weapons and become rich and known on the server.

Nightmare317 - 2020's BEST Custom RSPS

Nightmare - UNIQUE POKEMON SAFARI MINIGAME || NIGHTMARE317 - BEST Custom RSPS of 2020 and beyond! || Custom items made by the Owner! || More than 2000 unique items added already! ||


bem vindo ao action718 somos um servidor br, sempre em busca da melhora para nosso jogadores para que tenham uma otima experiencia em nosso servidor, sempre estamos trazendo coisas novas!


Brand New Custom RSPS , Great Active Community Website: https://pernixcus.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pernixscape

Unholy RSPS

Welcome to Un-holy! A community filled with driven staff, Community inspired updates with OSRS related content and unique fast experience gaining plus unique features. Features: - Event Bossing - F

⚔️ 06-Scape - 2006 RuneScape RE-LAUNCHED

06-Scape offers a good amount of quality based oldschool content. You will come across PvMing, Skilling, Treasure trails, PKing, Hiscores to track player progressions and competitions!


ECO - OSRS Bosses - OSRS Minigames - Bounty Hunter

Insant Pk #1 Quick and simple Join now

| At Insant Pk You Can Start Your Ever-lasting Adventure! | OSRS Giveaways | Brand New Private Server | Open 24/7 Stable Server Quick setups | World events| 40 Working Bosses | 22 Fully Working Skills


new server I am working on some stuff, started off with local host with me and my girlfriend playing together now we wanted others to play. Discord : [URL="https://discord.gg/gxZzpKXpuz[/URL]


RuneFlare is a new 317 server with tons of content bossing pking skilling events come try us out! Discord https://discord.gg/6u7B9EaHRz

OS-War Best Unique RSPS

OS-War Best Unique RSPS

BadKush~ Flawless Gameplay

Main Features] [+] Achievements [+] Many minigames [+] Multiple gamemodes to fit your needs [+] Bounty hunter system for Pkers [+] Every skill works with no process errors [+] All achievements capes

Drako HD OSRS Semi-Custom

Drako is a fresh take on an OSRS server, combining experience from custom servers and well grounded OSRS servers.

Acheron RSPS

Acheron RSPS is a new server that is looking for staff and players! Join us on our journey as we climb our way to the top!

Allstarlegends Oldschool Nostalgia

Allstarlegends Oldschool Nostalgia Has Returned! ::yell for everyone! Eco server, 22 working skills, Double exp weekends, Auto Vote, Auto Donate, Hiscores Market Join Now For Extreme Fun! ;)


VOLDEMORT boss - WIN 1000$ BY PVMING/SKILLING - Perfect Gambling - Iron Man - Ai-Boss Raids - Voldemort - Friendly Staff - Tank Boss - Flower Poker - Functional MiniGun - Boss Pets - Castle Wars


Download And Webclient: http://acheronps.proboards.com/ -ECO -PK -24/7 -Need Staff

Forgotten Paradise - Oldschool Pking

Dwarf Multicannon - Perfect Combat - Duel Arena - Daily Events - Advanced Programming


The Best Oldschool Pking Server


OrionGames is a new server dedicated to bringing you the best experience possible. Player-driven community. Economy. Fun Staff. Looking For Staff. Working skills. 24/7. 718 & 317 Revisions.

Free Flux Feel The Freedom

Do you feel the freedom... No? Well you should try Free Flux a Runescape 317 Pking server with high exp rates so you can get straight into the action!

ReZemblance BETA

New exciting and fun. Everything you need from a future top RSPS

ChaosX - No Rules

Perfect Combat - Perfect Duel Arena - Daily Events - Perfect Dwarf Multicannon

Reality Pk

Great Economy, Exp & Drop Rates | Max Cape | Random RPk Events | Mystery Boxes | Gambling | Achievements | Zombie Survival | Boss Contracts | Quests | Much More; Join Reality PK today!


ReaperScape Is A Brand New RSPS With Lots Of Different Features 99.9% Uptime And Super Helpful Staff. Features: Minigames & Bosses Double XP & Events Great Combat & PVP 99% All Skills


Pk, Max Skill Level 125, Working Skills, Easy Start, Great Eco, Friendly/Helpful Staff, Rares, Nex, Godwar, Custom Icons ingame Custom Rooms and Zones, Custom Items and Monsters Donor Area, Donor Item

Rome-X | 718/742 | Double XP Weekends

Welcome to Rome-X, a 718/742 server with unlimited possibilities to come by. Rome-X is a free to play Runescape Private Server. We have a ton of unique content that makes this server a one of a kind.


Brand new rsps, looking for great new players :)


OpticSouls is a 667/721 Revision(Beta), which means you will have old item looks and newer graphics. All Skills are currently working and have some customs in-game. Join Us Today!


OSRS - Group Ironman - OSGP Events - Mobile - Runelite - Raids - Inferno


|IronMan| x2 XP | 15+ Bosses | 10+ Minigames | DuoSlayer | Construction | Eco | GE | Achievements |25 Skills | EvilTree | CrashedStar | OSRS Bosses | OSRS Items | IPB Forums | Intro: Telarium is

Hyperion | Dedicated Server | Construction

Hyperion 718/751 | Economy | Stable | Ironman mode | Grand Exchange | Clans | 100% Construction | 100% Farming | Boss pets | Sheathing | Keepsakes | Instanced Boss Rooms | Active Community | Much More

Amnesty 317

Amnesty 317 is a eco/social based server we have loads of bosses with unique drops :)

Zulrune | Your Game. Your Way.

Description: [SETLEVEL & ECONOMIC] Brand New Server! 50+ on Release! NEED STAFF [IRONMAN]