ReZemblance BETA

New exciting and fun. Everything you need from a future top RSPS

ChaosX - No Rules

Perfect Combat - Perfect Duel Arena - Daily Events - Perfect Dwarf Multicannon

Reality Pk

Great Economy, Exp & Drop Rates | Max Cape | Random RPk Events | Mystery Boxes | Gambling | Achievements | Zombie Survival | Boss Contracts | Quests | Much More; Join Reality PK today!


ReaperScape Is A Brand New RSPS With Lots Of Different Features 99.9% Uptime And Super Helpful Staff. Features: Minigames & Bosses Double XP & Events Great Combat & PVP 99% All Skills


Pk, Max Skill Level 125, Working Skills, Easy Start, Great Eco, Friendly/Helpful Staff, Rares, Nex, Godwar, Custom Icons ingame Custom Rooms and Zones, Custom Items and Monsters Donor Area, Donor Item

Rome-X | 718/742 | Double XP Weekends

Welcome to Rome-X, a 718/742 server with unlimited possibilities to come by. Rome-X is a free to play Runescape Private Server. We have a ton of unique content that makes this server a one of a kind.


Brand new rsps, looking for great new players :)


OpticSouls is a 667/721 Revision(Beta), which means you will have old item looks and newer graphics. All Skills are currently working and have some customs in-game. Join Us Today!


|IronMan| x2 XP | 15+ Bosses | 10+ Minigames | DuoSlayer | Construction | Eco | GE | Achievements |25 Skills | EvilTree | CrashedStar | OSRS Bosses | OSRS Items | IPB Forums | Intro: Telarium is

Hyperion | Dedicated Server | Construction

Hyperion 718/751 | Economy | Stable | Ironman mode | Grand Exchange | Clans | 100% Construction | 100% Farming | Boss pets | Sheathing | Keepsakes | Instanced Boss Rooms | Active Community | Much More

Amnesty 317

Amnesty 317 is a eco/social based server we have loads of bosses with unique drops :)

Zulrune | Your Game. Your Way.

Description: [SETLEVEL & ECONOMIC] Brand New Server! 50+ on Release! NEED STAFF [IRONMAN]


FeruScape – Stable Economy | 24/7 Dedicated Server | Frequent Updates | Full Construction | 99% Uptime

Project-Nemesis || 718 ll RSPS || Join

Come and check out Project-nemesis, we are here to give you a long lasting rsps that you will love. We have all working skills, plenty of Minigames and bosses to keep you grinding and much more!


GenesisX is a great new server! Come and play! We will be looking for staff as soon as we get a couple solid players! come join us! http://Genesisx.net

EradicationX 718 | Best Pvming Experience

Many Custom-Added Items into the game. The highest XP amount is 10B experience! All skills go up to 400M XP, and they come with capes Custom Bosses "Eradicator", "Maximum Gradum", "Extreme Boss" etc.


RuneStory is an upcoming server dedicating time and resources to what players love. We based our game around the 2007-11 era of RuneScape. Indulge yourself in the beginning of a fantastic adventure!

Crown - The Players Escape

Pvm, Pvp, Eco **Dicing, staking*** It is a rsps that all walks of players can relate to. Join this new expanding server. Staff positions are open as the server is young.

Project Decimate • 317 • 24/7


Darkx718 | Customs | BossPets | 120Capes

Custom Vorago Sunfreet 100%Working godwars DarkX Lord(customboss) 120 Capes With Requirments Boss pet drops from everyboss Custom rares Custom swords all skills working includ

Renown Scape | Duo Slayer | Bank Tabs

Duo slayer || Bank tabs || Money pouch up to 1tril || Fight caves and Fight Kiln (2jads for kiln cape) || Amazing Eco || Curses || Active players! || amazing staff! || Daily activities

Arcanum - Spawn PK and Economy

Brand New Custom Spawn Pk System! Perfect Switching, Perfected PvM, Custom bosses, and so much more! 20+ bosses, all skills working! 10+ Mini Games! 120 Capes with custom particles!


We have sick content! Perfect combat, Grand Exchange, Party Dungeoneering, full Summoning, Construction and even Duo Slayer! Come check us out now! You have nothing to lose!


Created by an enthusiastic coder who officially graduated as Game Developer! Torva! Primal! Chaotics! Skilling rewards! Custom dungeoneering floors! Daily updates! Lovely community! Great staff!



Dark Ice - OSRS

OSRS - 15+ Bosses - Fresh Start - 60+ Pets - Best RSPS Community

★ LuckScape ★ Best 667 ★ Ironman Mode ★

Features: Ironman Mode, Tier 90 Armour, Tier 90 Weapons, Bank Tabs, All Working Skills, Fire Caves, Fully Customizable Max and Completionist Capes, Prestige

Exaltation PK

PK - Bossing - Eco - Legit Owner - New - Need Staff - Beautiful Design - 742

twisted dreams rsps

looking for staff and new players come join.

Agaroth PvP - Instant PK||Gambling||PvM

In Agaroth PvP, we focus mainly in PvP and some PvM. Basic items are easy to obtain and levels can be changed with single click. Home is compact and PvP drops are generated by game. Shops and main tab

Avernic - Season 2

1B+ OSRS Competition, JUST RELEASED, 50+ Online, Full OSRS LMS, Raids, Collection Logs, Group Ironman, Wildy Events


Miss the days of 2012 Pre-EoC? Why simply just reminisce? Hop on Reprisal and experience it again!


Bounty | Item Lending | GE | Staking | Dung | Slayer | Scripted PvM | Clan Wars | Lootshare

Eternity Last Blood

Website : http://www.eternity-rsps.net Eternity-LB is a 718 Server. Our goal is to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, and we also have skilling for those players who love it.

Fission-PK {Need Staff}

718 rsps!! - 100% summoning & pets! - Fast combat levelling! - Great skilling rate! - Glacors! - Sunfreet & Vorago - Korasi Torva/Pernix/Virtus -Awesome pvp system!!! -Plenty of customs!

Final Form

A 667 RSPS that will blow your mind! amazing PKING, PVMING, GAMBLING, AND SO MUCH MORE!

Project P2P 732

Good community, always online, perfect PVP and economy

VanguardRSPS | #1 Experience

15 bosses, 10 minigames, Anti-scam gambling, 100% grand exchange, All skills 100% working, Fullscreen/Resize, Unique teleports system, Unique maps, Dedicated Community

[317] DougScape BETA Economy

Go to http://dougscape.boards.net for info about DougScape. DougScape has a dedicated server and 10+ boses.

Project Relentless is BACK

Project Relentless, Reborn Again! Project Relentless is a friendly RSPS, that cares about their players - an active community, caring staff members, combat that no other servers have. Custom PK rating

Vencillio - #1 OSRS

Iron Man | Bank Tabs | 15+ Bosses | Full Skilling | Amazing Combat | Exchange System | Extremely Customizable Client | Bounty Hunter | Achievements | Player Profiler | Tons more!

Spec'd Out

Newer Server containing Corp Beast|Nomad|Sea Troll Queen|Giant Sea Snake|Avatar of Destruction and much more bosses! All skills work but construction and dung. Dung only has a few bugs that will be fi


Finessin-PS is a brand new custom RSPS, we strive to keep players entertained with daily updates, & to keep our staff experienced and professional. Why should you choice us? Because you we guarantee y


Vitrix 667 is vps Hosted 24 hr online, It has lots of customs, Active staff, pking, skilling, dicing, penguins (damage tokens), Working trivia system, no bugs or glitches Working ticket system.

Ragefire-Empire - Unseen Runescape Content

Fresh Pking, Fresh pvming, Custom Weapons, Fast Exp Rates, Custom Exp Rates, Prestige Shop, Point Reward System, Bank Tabs, dwarf cannon 200+ achievments, and so much more!

Decipher-rsps Old Character Files

guys we have been gone a long time beqause of jagex.. but we finally reached the top to get back online! hope to see u al back now!

Ruse RSPS - Play Beyond Limi

317 Grand exchange, Nex, Summoning, full construction, Hunter, falling stars, Gambling... We have it all. Bugfree and dupefree gameplay for you to enjoy

★ Amazing Content| Reward on Log-in ★

• Dicing • Quick Prayers • Completionist and Max Cape • Skill Zone at Home • Spawnable Buttons • ELO,Target,Killstreaks • Starter Packs • PKP & EXP Boosts • Mystery Chest • Clue Scrolls

Vanity Scapex

customs new awesomeness great server hamachi involved

★ Eustaria 317 ★ GE ★ Antiscam Gambling ★

EUSTARIA 317 | Economy | Stable | XP modes | Grand Exchange | Clans | Custom minigames | Kingdom manager | Boss pets | Balanced combat| OSRS items| Instanced Boss Rooms | Active Community | Much More