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Evolved - #1 RuneScape Private Server

New Server


A brand new server you most likely will never forget, we have everything a player needs! Download the client here: https://www.sendspace.com/file/w6xhhg Website soon!!!


All T90 Weapons and Armour. Amazing community unique home. VPS hosted. Loads of bosses. Amazingly stable ECO Amazingly stable XP rates.

★SpawnScape - INSTANT PKING★

First 614 with Custom Items || Duel Arena || Spawn/Coins Currency || Quick Prayers || Bank Tabs || Pk Titles || Yell Tags ||


Will be added soon for now go to our site http://s15.zetaboards.com/ReviveRSPS/index/ to see pictures.

Notorious - Win an IPhone 6

Rev Cave| Stable Eco| Active PKing| Quick Prayers| Curses Great Bosses| Promo Codes| Refferal System| Ironman Mode| Professional Staff + Devs| Titles| Pk Bounties| Bank Search + Tabs | Win an IPhone 6

Infinite Era - Hero Reborn

Check out this Runescape private server! offering you the best and the dream of all players the greatest and most wonderful community of all time! check out this server!

Vengeance - Clanchat | G.E | 100+ Achievement

Shooting Stars | Team Dungeoneering | Promo Codes are just some! Thank you for visiting my voting page for Vengeance! Here at Vengeance we have a great diversity of content and feature! Thanks :)

Hydrascape #1 639 RSPS - ECO - PKING

Hydrascape is the #1 HD server. We provide an excellent, challenging gameplay that caters to pkers, skillers, and pvmers.


New 317 server loading a 525 interface. Frost Dragons, Tormented Demons, Torva and more!, Server is up 24/7, Money pouch for extra inventory space!,Avatar of destruction!, Looking for staff! //

BH-718 || Kill The Hunter Or Die As A Target

BH-718 is about Bounty Hunter crater back in 2008. Combined 2 different systems 2008 BH craters and 2010 pvp worlds together. you loved 2008 bounty hunter crater? or 2010 pvp worlds? well join!

rise of reality

hey everone, and welcome to rise of reality. we are 718 server and looking for new players and stuff, we have 18 bosses, we have all skills. 10 minigames, everthing working to 100% come and join

TreviaRSPS | 317 Eco server | Start soon

TreviaRSPS | 317 Eco server | Start soon! | Staff needed!

♔ TizenX ♔ | ReferAFriend For 1B

Online 24/7 | No Lag | Flawless PvP | Skilling | Amazing PvM | Unique Customs | 5+ Years ONLINE!


Project Xiva is an orginal 667 server. No editional content was added past july 26th 2011. We strive to give our players the best game play possible. http://project-xiva.com/clients/playnow.htm


ScapingRunes is an Economy Rsps with a unique feel like no other. We implement player ideas into a way that is both fun and enjoyable for everyone. So come on in an experience ScapingRunes!


Salancia is a easy money making economy server with many bosses, multiple minigames, and a fun community. The server has endless content and is always coming up with new content to add. Customized wit


Heres a small list of things we have -Fullscreen -Hd graphic rendering -Zulrah -The beast -Fully working duel arena -Fully working dicing and flowering -All OSRS items -GODLY combat system -Godwars -A

RuneDreams - A dream come true

Four XP Rates || Economy & PvP based server || Full Clan Chat System || 24 Skills

Goldenscape New 317 rsps custom server

Goldenscape New 317 rsps custom server! Alot of customs.

CodScape 718 - Best RSPS Out

join today!

Draconia | Free chaotic weapon of your choice

Do you want a free chaotic weapon of your choice? Then join us! We are the most advanced free to play server available right now. All skills are programmed to 100% perfection.

Frost RS 317 Oldschool

Frost RS 317 Oldschool is a Classic private server, Active PvP - PvM, 20 Skill, Custom Bosses, 8 funny minigames, Perfect King, 99% uptime, XP Rates 10x, Active Duel Arena, 2 World Online. Join now

Grim Reaper 3 | The Ultra RSPS

Grim Reaper 3 | Your Greatest Adventure Join the most experienced RuneScape Private Server Fully 25 Skills Working 20+ Amazing minigames 4 Game Modes 10+ New Bosses EoC Items Amazing Quests Spawn Pk


BRAND NEW SERVER Old school & Modern bosses - PK scoreboards - Duo dung/slayer - MAX CAPES - Iron man - Gambling - Unique HP bar feature - Amazing drops - X3 XP weekends!

ProjectMagic 317 | Where Magic Begins

Come along and join! we're currently looking for staff!


#1 Custom RSPS | Custom Items | Custom Bosses | Active Community | Active Updates |

Brilliant server to check out

Looking for a brilliant server that has all the latest runescape oldschool experiences? Then you're looking for the right one right here! You can even choose between deadman, ironman, hardcore ironman


Experience the X Factor!

RuneUnity #1 PvM/Eco EcoReset 12/18/2015

New server, #1 Eco, Safe Gambling, New client, ECO RESET HAPPENED 12/18/2015, all donations and stats being given back. Come try us out even if you tried before. TONS FIXED, We have 3 full time devs

♛RIOSCAPE.COM - NEW - Released on 15th July 2

RioScape #1 RSPS | Party Dung | Party Slayer | Awesome combat | Full Screen | Bounty Hunter | IRON MAN MODE

FormalReality/NeedStaff/Vps Hosted

Welcome To FormalReality Website: http://formalreality.weebly.com/ All Skills Fully Working. Full Working Shops 24/7 Server May Have Some Downtime For Updates Currently In Need Of Staff


The closest combat to 07 RS | Randomized PID | Most active deep wilderness clans | Wilderness Heatmap | Dicing, Blackjack & poker | Login & PK

Saradomin ~ The best is back

Journey to the world of Saradomin, packed with high quality content, focused around the rise of Saradomin. Our server combines the excitement of intense PVP combat, with flawless skilling and PVM!

[Areillan-RSPS] - Quests - Now Hiring

A newly launched OSRS server, bringing you updates each week with active players and dedicated developers, with highscores and grand exchange making your stay more exciting!

Notorious - Win an Iphone6

Notorious - Inspiring greatness. Revenant Cave Stable Economy Active PKing Quick Prayers Quick Curses Challenging Minigames Enjoyable Bosses Promo Code System Refferal System Advanced Client Ironman

Knights of Camelot, New Year? New Server

Knights of Camelot will serve as a median between skillers, fighters and gamblers. There are too many servers where someone who gambles gains more than someone who grinds fishing, mining, etc.

Middscape[317][24/7][Need staff][IPB]

welcome to Middscape The ultimate rsps for all ages Join our forums @ http://middscape.ipbhost.com/ play now at http://middscape.ipbhost.com/play we are 24/7 vps hosted looking for staff OPENED 2DAY

Hitsplat | Instant Pking | Join TODAY

Hitsplat is a professional PvP-focused server that aims to entertain, striving for nothing but perfection and endless fun. We have no other goal than to become one of the greatest PK servers!


Have fun and become a legend


Eustaria is an oldschool server with some pre eoc vibe, unique content with countless hours of gameplay

[718] Crezion - POH & Game Modes

Crezion is a RuneScape Private Server aimed at entertainment made by Crezion's Development Team for players & focusing on player satiscation with daily updates and a large amount of content available.


So far we have 3 world types, eco, deadman, spawn pk. Enjoy save the towns from the world bosses, or just fight one of the many other bosses, new combat system, 100% uptime. come join the fun!

Eustaria DEADMAN

Eustaria is one of the first servers to have a fully functional deathman mode implemented, are you bored of normall servers? come try out your pk skills!

IceyScape - Ran By IcejjFish

New RsPs, Real runescape Economy, Fully working Summoning, We support pures, Weekly Updates, Highscores, Real development team, Real runescapes pking system, Deadman mode skulling system, and more!!


Brand new 317 server with up to date items, Bosses, Mini games, Donation benefits including bank anywhere and unlimited prayer! will be adding new content all the time! Unique drop system! 24/7 VPS


DyreScape, bringing a new experience to RuneScape Private Servers. DyreScape offers numerous customs, amazing PvP, 25 working skills, a lot of difficult bosses, and much more.

GrinderScape - SPAWN and ::PURE Modes

Detailed Content |29 Bosses | 9 Game Modes (One Life, Realism, Spawn, Pure, Master, Classic..etc) | Torva & Nex | Superior Void via Pest Control Minigame | Full Clue Scrolls | Automated Gambling...


Need of staff! New Beta want active players.