RazoryScape Brand new Server

RazoryScape Brand new Server Osrs 317 We are different !

VistageX 667 | Duel Arena | Safe gamblin

VistageX 667 is a custom RSPS, with alot of content such as duel arena, safe-gambling, working skills with point shop that carry insane rewards, Unique minigames, MORE THAN 25 BOSSES, customs interfac

TeraPS ~ Play Now ~

OSRS Base Economy and PK! Come join us and get reked! > Events - Participate with your fellow players in community event bosses >Bosses - Come fight your favorite OSRS bosses like; Zulrah, Krake

Misthalin v2 -- AKA GiftScape 718

join today and have alot of fun!

Kavachi - 2011 ERA

Our goal here at Kavachi is to bring you back in time and play your favorite version of runescape! Come join us with over 100+ daily players!

Near-Reality By Chachi Old Char Files

Hello Guys We Are Back!


All bosses - All Working skills - Unique Areas - Loading OSRS items - Custom features!

Serberous (Beta)

Skill lv cap 150/CB lv cap 209, 317-562 interfaces, 2011 Hitsplats/HP bar/damage, custom settings, custom items, Pking skill, Dungeoneering, Summoning, Working Slayer, PvM, PvP, 15+Bosses, 5 Minigames

WoM2 Aurora - Top International Server

The Kingdoms of Chunjo Jinno and Shinsoo are gone. Say welcome to the Dinasties! Of course you will still find here our most beloved content such as the Meley Dungeon, Earth Dragon, and our unique Pet

[317] Xerxes GAMBLING Pk PVM Need Staff

Xerxes is an economy based Old-School private server currently loading #171 OSRS data. We are trying to create the best player experience by giving the players a mix of pre-eoc and osrs! there so m

Lost Worlds

Lost World is an OSRS 317 server with a custom feel to it. Some of our content: Minigames include: - Barrows - Warriors Guild - Duel Arena - Pest Control - Fight Caves - Clan Wars - Inferno


Invictus RSPS Will Be Opening Soon, we are currently Bringing people to our website & Discord for when Beta Launches » Chamber Of Xeric's & Theatre Of Blood Both Working » 25 skills, Loads Of Bosses


Dedicated Server Here at Valkar we take pride in having our server on 24/7. We always want to have the server online except when updating so that you can play!

ElitePk - OSRS - Revs - Vorkath - Events



We're a new Runescape server, seeking to deliver the best content and experience possible. Come join us on this adventure. Launching on January 11th. Website - https://www.ultravioletrsps.com/

RSPS - The Most UNIQUE Economy RSPS

Raids, Zulrah, 15+ Players, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Extreme Mode, Vorkath, Kraken, Ice Queen, PvP, PvM, Well Of Good Will, Clan Wars, Events, Active Discord, Auto Vote, Aut

PK All Day

We are new and looking for staff atm. We have a great economy with one of the best pking mechanics around. All skills are trainable and have a range of challenging boss fights and of course raids!

OutlawRSPS - Revs | Vork | Raids |

OutlawRSPS is a new RSPS with a small dedicated community but looking to grow. Frequent updates and player driven. Raids, inferno, wilderness slayer, wilderness keys, PK shop


- Every skill is fully working. - Unique lottery system. - Everything clipped. - Player vs player combat damage is calculated when the weapon animation starts. - Player vs player formulas are rewritte


Hosted on a dedicated server central USA Perfect switching, OSRS bosses, HD textures, animation smoothing, custom pets, custom items, HD floors, customize your revision from 317, OSRS, 508, 525, 625 h


- 25 Bosses currently in game (more to be added) - 80+ pets ranging from bosses, skilling, and pking - working bank tabs - active staff team with constant updates


Prosperity is a remake project based on the Oldschool version of everyones favourite game! Relive what used to be truely great.


New RSPS * Pre-EoC * Npc Drop Table * Raid items (Much more being added) * Customizable Client * Fair Drop rates * Construction * Player owned shops * Cape customizer * 20+ Bosses * All 25 skills


100%Custom Server. If you like Custom RSPS.. You will love StreamScape! Ichigo and Zengetsu Bosses, Boss Pets, God Raids, 10 Camo Torva Sets, Thunder Gun and Ray Gun, VPS Hosting, L4 Staff (Mod)

Darxi 667 - 742 Content Packed

Highscores | Player Owned Shops | Well Of Fortune | SoF | Achievements | Custom Features | Trivia |15+Bosses | Minigames | Daily Events | Quests | Daily Raids | Daily Trivia | Hidden Penguins


JUST RELEASED - Liberty -OSRS & PRE EOC This server is going to be the best in the whole rsps scene. we are going to dominate the toplists and the world with this server, infact it will be #1.

Sikikscape #1 RSPS | Join Now & Play

----FEATURES---- [*]Theatre of Blood items! [*]CUSTOM RAIDS [*]Revenants with ALL pvp set drops [*]Custom MiniGames And Alot More! [*]Beautiful home area


- Custom 718 Serve - Custom Boss - Custom Weapon - Custom Armour - Fully Working Skills - Upgrade System - Balance Game Play [Donor Vs. Non Donor] - Duo Dungeoneering - Duo Slayer - Onspot Duel


OSRS Data Bank Tabs Dupe Free Stable Economy Fluid & Smooth Client Fullscreen & Resizeable ,Tons of Minigames ,Perfect Skilling ,Flawless Combat, And much much more!


Custom Bosses, Pokemon Stadium, Raid, Acitive Comunity & Staff

disergent rsps

Welcome to Disergent, a 317 RuneScape Private Server that effectively hits the OSRS mark, while also thriving to provide new and original content that is action packed, and keeps the player on the edg

EradicationX - The Legend is Back

A content-packed 718 private server with tons of unique features. It is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best experience around

Darxi 667-742

Daily Events | Player Owned Shops | Well Of Fortune | SoF | Achievements | Custom Features | Boss Drops | Minigames | Pets | Daily Trivia | Shooting Stars | Quests | Hidden Penquins

solace-ps online forums


RevivalScape - Brand New Server -

Brand new server, 25+ Bosses, awesome small community, but growing extremely fast! Gaining tonnes of new players daily! Come and be a part of it!

TormentedRs Inferno, Raids, Fun Server,

Welcome to TormentedRs We have inferno, all major OSRS bosses, raids. Active staff, active dev, newly launched server looking for a friendly player base. Come and join us!


ABYSS RSPS -ULTIMATE CONTENT OSRS PREEOC Come join the most anticipated RSPS of 2019. We are dominating the RSPS Scene - Start training in a adventure that actually matters. We are a brand new RSPS!

[FortScape] BRAND NEW RSPS 2019 Customs

317 pk server packed with fortnite customs and plenty of content for all types of players come join today!

Arrav Rsps - The #1 Pre-Eoc Rsps [NEW]

Join The Brand New Pre-Eoc Rsps And Play With Hundreds Of Players! Arrav offers the perfect combination of PvM, PvP, Gambling, Skilling, and more! With consistent updates, Arrav has endless content.


more info coming soon


BrutalOS | Innovative Content ✥ Inferno ✥ Duo Inferno ✥ Team Bosses (Glod, Galvek , etc) ✥ Vorkath ✥ Raids 1 Duo/Solo (Raids 2 coming soon) ✥ Runelite Integration ✥ Presets ✥ Customs


Customs! safe gambling, raids, wishing well, achievements, pets, upgradable items


Main features - 247 Uptime - 24 trainable skills including Dungeoneering and summoning Construction COMING SOON - IronmanHardcore ironman modes with increased drop rates - 30 Bosses including Vorago a


wowEdge, wow private server, an community for Gammers.


New RSPS looking to gain a community.


Dedication to our players is our top priority The development team is constantly creating new updates, but unlike other RSPSs, RunixScapes developers will take advice from players and make updates!


Online 24/7 | No Lag | Flawless PvP | Skilling | Amazing PvM | Unique Customs Vote for Hydro-PS the #1 OS-RSPS! PLAY NOW WITH MANY PLAYERS PETS/PK/PVM/BOSS/MINIGAMES/STAKE/RAIDS/OP ITEMS/ELDER MAUL

New Life ECO - Custom RSPS - FREE DONATO

Custom OSRS Server with Custom Maps, Highscores, Economy, Free Donator, Custom Minigames, Tons of content, Amazing PvP and PvM, Active Staff, Online 24/7, Custom Content, 21 Skills, Slayer


ArenaPs is a very unique server with dedicated Staffs who are ready to listen to all the players about advice and improvements. We are here to deliver quality content and improve the gaming experience

Zeah - The Sixth Age

- Automated OSRS GP Vouchers every 35 minutes (Exchange with staff for free OSRS GP) - Automated PokeCoins to buy Potions/Pokeballs at the Poke PC - Pokemon Battles with staking