RsPrime Customs

New Custom Rsps, join today. Beta client coming soon available for testing only. Beta testers get special in-game reward once we launch! We dedicate 100% of our time and effort into the server.

Ghrazi RSPS

Come join fellow adventurers we have plenty of major content planned. This is our passion. - Zulrah - Clue scrolls - Active friendly staff - Professional development - Plenty of OSRS Bosses - Perfect


AscensionRS, -We are a brand new 317 server ready to be open to players. -It is a highly custom server with unique content for all players to enjoy. -We have over 40+ zones + minigames! Join now


Welcome to Nardah, we are Brand-New. Join the most addictive war in the RSPS scene, we are a community driven RSPS that strives to create the most enjoyable experience for you!


Custom server! Website: http://freign.xobor.com/ Download :https://www.dropbox.com/s/gymslpqaqukl6h9/Fr eign-PS%20V1.0.jar? Discord: https://discord.gg/ZbuD4a Freign-PS V1.0 2019 Custm Minigames / Cu


**JOIN OUR DISCORD** https://discord.gg/BNhxxum * Active 317 | 30+ Bosses | 25 skills Unique Pet System | Prisoners | Last Man Standing Custom Skilling and Donator Zones | Advanced Hiscores

ManicPS - The Next Upcoming Custom RSPS

Team Bossing, Raids, PVM Superior Mechanics, brand new quest, Instanced Dungeons, Tons of Custom Unique Items alongside with unique bosses


OSRS Base| 26 Bosses | 5 Game Modes | Full Clue Scrolls | Automated Gambling | OSRS Trading | Perfect Slayer | OSRS items | Boss Pets | Perfect Skilling | Boss Contracts |


Many fun! let's go join us! Custom bosses, items, many mingames!

DarkPhoenix Servers - Join us Today

- V6557 Launched 25/9/2019 V6557 is a new version based server, With a reputable and honorable staff that believes in their unique vision of how a server should be run- Classic Launched 25/9/2019 our

EKOM || Perfect 317 OSRS ||

FEATURES: -Raid + All bosses and pets - Perfect PvP & PvE - Trading post - Boss events - Prestiges - Achievements -Loyalty System -Dice & Gambling! etc. JOIN NOW!

Xandr - A new Old-School experience

Xandr - NEW RSPS | Double Exp Weekends | Events | Boss/Skilling/Event Pets | Inferno | Raids | Iron-man mode | Tons of bosses | PoS | Ingame Hiscores | Beta Exclusive Pet | Droptable

LmfaoPS -- Tons of customs

brand new server!


[CUSTOM SERVER][3000+ Custom Items][40+ Bosses][8 Minigames][Gambling & Mystery Boxes][Guns] [Weekly Updates][Daily Discord Events][Player-Owned Shops][Active Development][No-Lag][Join us and get Myst


Hello, after almost 1 & half years in the making, I am excited to announce our release date as October 24th, 2019. I have spent a lot of time polishing the game, website, and our internal tools to get


Our goal is to rebirth crandor, the ultimate experiance between PRE-EOC & OSRS. We strive to not only offer you the pre-eoc experience but also expand with updated osrs content, new features, and a n

Dragons Legacy - Another RSPS

Dragons Legacy is a RuneScape Private Server that is based on PvP/PK without spawn and big starter package, you have to skill to make your money.


Yanille-OS we are brand new server currently in beta - Oldschool based - daily updates - All skills works - Raids Join us today! Homepage http://yanille-os.com/ Forums http://yanille-os.com/forum Dow


RuneSuite RSPS Forum is the #1 RSPS Downloads Developer Community providing High Quality Sources to work with. #317 #494 #667 #718.

Revival Scape

OSRS based, Community Driven, active discord!


good xp rates different game modes